If you are looking for good quality, affordable braided brake hoses, brake lines and clutch cables we can offer VENHILL make products.

You can order with us a ready made set for your bike or we can build a custom one while you wait.

Hoses & Cables – Motorcycle

All Venhill motorcycle hoses are built to meet or exceed DOT and TUV requirements, and factory tested to 1500psi. Each hose features smooth bore DuPont PTFE hosing for heat resistance, and marine grade stainless braiding to help eliminate expansion and transmit sustained braking force to your caliper. Dome-headed banjo bolts and 303 stainless steel swivel unions allow perfect, twist-free alignment every time!

Venhill control cables are developed from OEM items, to offer improved performance and smoother control feel. All clutch, throttle and choke cables are made from: marine-grade stainless steel inner wire, flat wound steel conduit and are ‘Bird-caged’ for strength and durability. All cables are fitted with a low-friction Teflon liner for a lighter action.