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follow url Tucano Urbano has skilfully been producing ingenious clothing and accessories for anyone riding a motorcycle or scooter, for over 15 years.”

buy azithromycin online USA Whether you’re riding in a downpour or a heat wave, commuting to the office or out on a countryside jaunt, we have something for you.

follow url Our motto is ‘In moto, sempre in moto’, which has a double meaning in Italian. In moto can mean ‘on a bike’ but also ‘in motion’ or ‘getting around’. So it means that Tucano Urbano products are suitable anywhere, anytime on the bike or just getting around town.

https://nepomak.org/?n=augmentin-375-mg-price The first product was the famous Termoscud leg cover, providing protection from the cold, wind and rain. This was followed by a full clothing range of stylish outerwear and accessories, with full wind and rain protection built in.

can you buy flagyl over the counter in NZ Now we also have cool and colourful helmets with our El’met range.

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Your riding enjoyment is our goal – and it always will be.