Hand Muffs SHAD for Motorcycle or Scooter


Hand Muffs SHAD for Motorcycle or Scooter X0SR00

The Shad waterproof hand muffs are 100% wind and waterproof, making them the ideal product to keep your hands protected from wind and rain. Inside, the bar muffs are fur lined which ensures your hands retain heat, keeping them nice and warm.

The synthetic leather and neoprene material prevent the wind and water from reaching the rider. For greater safety they are equipped with reflective elements that help improve your visibility on the roads.


  • EASE OF USE: Quick mounting and access to controls
  • RESISTANCE: Made in synthetic leather
  • DURABILITY: UV protection
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Reflective parts
  • IMPERMEABILITY: Waterproof coating
  • WARMTH: Fur lining
  • UNIVERSAL: Adaptable to a majority of motorcycles
  • QUICK FASTENING: Through pressure fasteners to close and keep warmth
  • EASY CARRY: Backpack bag included

Colour: Black
Outer: Synthetic leather and Neoprene
Inner: Fur and Polyester lining


Dimensions: 50 x 260 x 365cm

Manual in PDF

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SHAD Hand Muffs on the bike SHAD Hand Muffs bag SHAD Hand Muffs Fitted on the Scooter