source This page is dedicated to the dark side of riding in such a big city as London. Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters on two wheels are not treated equally with four-wheeled vehicle commuters.

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source link Many of us become the victims of accidents caused by bad and reckless driving. It’s always an extremely unpleasant experience which comes down to painful results – you can get hurt, as well as damaging your beloved bike.

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metronidazole interactions with antidepressants The whole procedure of dealing with your insurance company tends to be complicated and time consuming. Plus, your bike is broken and you can’t commute to work, school etc. If you don’t want to waste your time on all those procedures you can call us ( tetracycline price Australia 0207 998 6808) and we will take care of everything for you:

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  • recovery
  • replacement bike hire
  • helmet and kit replacement
  • solicitor advice
  • translations (we speak Polish)
  • bike repair or full refund of the market value of the bike